About MoHall Music Publishing


MoHall Music Publishing specializes in acquiring the rights to collect music royalties to some of today’s most notable artists and songwriters. With extensive investment experience and an in-depth understanding of the music industry, we invest in income-generating music catalogs and support music creatives.

Guided by our determined, professional management staff, we work with artists and songwriters to support their career and take care of their publishing rights. Our people-centered approach ensures we deliver an unrivaled quality of service to surpass each and every one of our partners’ expectations. Our services are custom-tailored and designed to meet the songwriters, artists, and copyrights’ needs.

About founder

Founder Moses E. Hall is an award-winning commercial real estate broker, entrepreneur, developer, and investor, based in Chicago. Moses attended the performing arts “Fame” school Fiorello Laguardia in NY and as a jazz-trained piano musician, he leverages an intimate understanding of the music industry. He pursued his passion for supporting the music industry by attending Columbia Columbia Chicago, where he obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Entertainment & Media Management with a focus on Music Business.

Following a successful career as a real estate broker and commercial real estate investor, Moses launched MoHall Music Publishing, where he acquires the rights to collect music royalties from some of today’s most notable music celebrities. MoHall Music Publishing’s portfolio features Grammy Award Winning Artist Chris Brown, R&B Singer Trey Songs, and Award Winning Gospel Artist Tamela Mann and David Mann.