About MoHall Music Publishing

MoHall Music Publishing leverages extensive expertise, a proven track record across a range of creative services, and is exclusively dedicated to supporting the needs of songwriters, artists, and partners. Our all-encompassing approach takes care of all publishing rights, including finding opportunities for your music and turning your talent into an income-generating opportunity.

What we stand for

At MoHall Music Publishing, we strive to be the catalyst for positive change and transform the music publishing community from within. Our goal is to promote and enhance the industry with custom-tailored services and high-value, high-quality music compositions. We work tirelessly to not only run a successful business but to turn MoHall Music Publishing into a landmark in the modern music industry.

Our Values


We operate according to our three core pillars of innovation, industry knowledge, and communication.

  • Innovation: In a rapidly changing industry like music publishing, staying relevant is no longer enough. At MoHall Music Publishing, we work around the clock to implement innovative, creative solutions and bring our services to the next level.
  • Knowledge: Supported by vast industry expertise and in-depth understanding of the leading industry techniques and cutting-edge trends, we always stay on top of our game.
  • Communication: We believe in supporting our songwriters and artists and adopt a communication approach, rooted in transparency, mutual respect, and trust to cater to their needs.